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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a store site?

Sorry, no, we do not have an actual retail store site, where customers can browse and physically check out the nerchandise. Doing so would only force us to raise prices, which we do not want to do at this time.

Do you have a catalog?

Sorry, no, not at this time. This is probably our number one most asked question. We hope to have one in the near future....we will assuredly post it on the homepage, when available.

Why does the shopping cart say Total Survival Enterprises?

Because we have more than 1 service website, our services are combined into one central service to avoid confusion, provide better service and keep our pricing down to a minimum.

Do you have a minimum order?

No, we do not. but keep in mind that shipping costs may be the same up to around the $25.00 order range. In other words a $2.50 order may cost the same as a $24.50 order, to ship - This because it can sometimes take just as long to package a small order and have it delivered to the US Postal Office.

Do you have tracking?

Yes, we provide tracking numbers by email, on all orders, once they are ready to ship.

What about backorders?

We do not like backorders any more than you do! We try to keep all items in stock and ready to ship in 24 hours, but unfortunately, this is not always possible. If an item is not in stock, we try to contact you by email to let you know when it will be back in stock and ready to ship. This is generally mentioned on the tracking email notice that we send out. Sometimes we will send an email letting you know if the situation differs. We do not generally charge for shipping backorders.

Can we pick up orders locally?

If you happen to live within driving distance (Highland, 92346) and would like to pick up an order, and save on shipping, you can do so by calling and making arraingements.
Will I Pay Tax

Yes, If you live in California, then you will need to pay the regular Sales Tax. Out of state orders are not yet taxable.

How are shipping costs determined?

Orders are shipped by UPS Ground, Fedex or USPS - Actual shipping on UPS Ground is calculated according to the total weight of the order, size of the package(s), and destination. We base our shipping costs on pricing range instead, and the zones that are throughout the contiguous 48 states. In some very rare instances, you may be required to pay additional shipping and/or handling fees. Again, this is extremely rare, and you will be notified if there should happen to be any appreciable deviations in the shipping charges. This, most likely would be in rare cases beyond our control, such as a manufacturer changing price without notice, or larger orders with excessive weight variances. You will not be obligated to purchase should this happen to be the case, and all costs will be refunded.
Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii?

Most orders originating from Alaska and Hawaii are shipped by USPS. Some larger orders may need to be shipped by parcel post and may take a few extra days. In some very rare instances, you may be required to pay additional shipping and/or handling fees, however, you will be notified if there should happen to be any appreciable deviations in the shipping charges. You will not be obligated to purchase should this happen to be the case, and all costs will be refunded.

Can I get Expedited Shipping?

Sorry, our carts are not setup for this at this time. Should you prefer to ship 3 day select, 2nd day air or next day air, PLEASE call 1-877-282-7673 or email, in advance, to get an accurate quote as we do not offer it online. We can then make arrangements to obtain the additional charges needed to do so.

What if a shipping charge seems to be unreasonable?


Can I keep a card on file for ordering by email?

Yes, we do have some credit cards on file for those who wish to order strictly by email on a regular basis. They are kept completely safe and secure, and never used without strict permission from the owner.

Do you ship outside the US?

We ship to Canada on a regular basis. We will occasionally ship to Australia and Europe, but keep in mind shipping is very expensive. Since our carts are not set up to account for the vast differences in international shipping costs, orders from out of the US must be done by email. You can send us your order list, along with your address and zip, and we will respond with the approximate shipping cost. You can then decide if you still wish to purchase the items, and if so, we will either send you a Paypal invoice to pay, or you can email your card information for payment (preferably in 2 emails for safety). Once your card is run through and your order is ready to ship, your information is shredded. Most orders are shipped by USPS to avoid extra customer expenses endured by customs.

PLEASE NOTE: You can go online and place the items you want in our cart (just do not try to run it through), but instead.... take a "computer snapshot" of the cart page (print/screen button), and then paste it on an email and send it to us. This is the quickest and easist way to order.


It is our sincere policy to try to acquire and maintain your trust and satisfaction. Many of our products come from several different suppliers and each has their own return policies. With that in mind, please inspect your shipment upon arrival and report to us immediately, either by email or our by calling our toll free number 1-877-282-7673 with any defects or shortages. Again, it is possible that you may receive your shipment in 2 or more packages. If an item is not what you ordered, a replacement will be provided as soon as possible. All returns must be authorized within 10 days of receiving merchandise. Some products may only be available for exchange.

Depending upon circumstances and a particular companies policy, there may be a restocking fee on unincidental returns and return shipment would be at customers expense.
Items must be unopened, in new condition, and returned in original shipping containers.
We suggest email, before calling for this reason: We will need to contact appropriate company first, before offering any help. This is the response likely you will receive by calling. However, we assure you that your email will be treated with urgency and that we will do everything possible to rectify the error. A return email will be sent notifying you of the response we are taking. Please feel free to contact us with any concern.

Privacy Policy?

We believe, just as you do, that all private information should stay that way - private.
For that reason your information is collected for the sole purpose of billing and shipping - period.
In addition to accepting most major credit cards, we also offer, for your convenience, product payments through the increased security of PayPal. All payments are transacted through 128- bit encryption security (SSL) for your safety.

We reserve the right to refuse service





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