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We are a family owned business located in the foothills of Highland, Southern California. Although we do not have an actual brick and mortar store, we do have thousands of survival items stored in our warehouse so that we can get your order out as soon as possible, hopefully with the quick and professional service you desire.

Just as some parts of our country are menaced by hurricanes, tornadoes and blizzards, we are constantly under the threat of earthquakes, fires  and floods.  And we all live under the possible threats of terrorism, EMP strikes, CME (solar flares), pandemics, economic and social collapse, and other manmade disasters. So we all share a common denominator... a sense of survival to some level.
Our purpose here, is not to portray panic, but rather a sense of urgency, and wake up those who are eternal procrastinators It is our sincere belief that if you are prepared and stay informed, you may have a more confident outlook towards the future. This is not to say that you have to live in a state of worry, but instead one of awareness and preparedness.

Our economy has always been in a cycle of "ups and downs" - and it will once again cycle up - but don't allow this false security to fool you into believing that everything will be carefree. That fact remains that we are countless trillions of dollars in debt, and this will undoubtedly bring on super-inflation and ultimately a world political redistribution of power. It is the political agenda of the world powers that will ultimately affect our own personal lives. Our own sovereignty is being threatened, and there is presently a world wide push for a global governing authority. Because of the global economic situation, we are prime prospects to fall into this trap. And while all this is happening, terrorism is patiently waiting to "kick us when we are down".
In simple terms, what this means to the average person: 

Protect yourself - beware of false illusions, 
Plan for unexpected changes
by securing your investments and assets as much as possible.
Prepare for all emergencies,-
we hope to help here.
Make sure you have some type of personal protection.
This will be an important factor in the case of an emergency or chaotic disaster.

You can either store away supplies now, a little at a time, or wait until prices rise to the point that it will become a great financial burden to do so. We hope you will choose the prior, ... remember it's called PREparation, not POSTeration!
We also hope you will bookmark our site and feel free to contact us with any concerns.

In the meantime remember the 4 G's: Not necessarily in this order:

Grub - start stocking away food, water and staples. As the dollar value continually declines, (and it will !) it will buy less and less. Food, staples and even water will become more valuable. This may be a wise tradeoff for the devaluing dollar as our next big bump in the road will most certainly be hyperinflation!

Gold - Gold and Silver, are being hoarded by many countries and millions of people around the globe, as the fiat dollar and other currencies lose their values. Gold and silver are a hedge against the devaluing dollar, but know when to trade and sell, before you find yourself trading gold bullion for a few meals! Commodities will be at a premium... for a while. Many believe we are eventually heading for a cashless society, and worldwide rationing, as an answer to the world's economic breakdown. Food, water and staples might be the new luxury to obtain.

Guns - The last means of personal protection, when everything else goes array. Make sure you have "some form of self defense". If martial law is ever called, (terrorist attacks, pandemic outbreak, gas, food and water shortages, etc.) you could be forced to abandon your arms - remember, this happened in America after Katrina! (In some cases the U.N. has been given complete authority to take control in the event of an overwhelming national disaster.)

GOD - for many, this will be the true means of survival after everything else fails!




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